Anne L Wiewel, RN 

Surrogate Partner Education & Shyness Coaching     for sexual & intimacy issues

Successful partnering requires more than love and chemistry. If you're having difficulty I can help. Our approach is generally short term, comprehensive and effective. In a caring, supportive environment we provide educational programs for men, women and couples. 

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Anne Wiewel, RN, has been a sex educator for 25+ years - working successfully with over a 1,500 grateful clients. She is warm, loving, direct, and quickly puts people at ease. 

(415) 860-0800

Please note: We provide educational programs for clients struggling with sexuality, shyness or dating.

Please don't contact us if you're just looking for sex. Thank you

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Oakland, California

We help clients with these issues

~ inexperience
~ overcoming social shyness
~ flirting & dating skills
~ premature ejaculation (PE)
~ erection difficulties (ED)
~ inhibited ejaculation/orgasm 
~ sensual and sexual skills
~ loss of sex drive at any age

      ~ and more